Friday, June 18, 2010


I will have three pounds of Gryffindor's lamb fleece available for sale after Michigan Fiber Fest in late August. One pound is already spoken for. $25.00 per pound.

I will have five pounds of Raggedy Ann's second fleece(19 microns mid-side and coated year-round)available after Michigan Fiber Fest. $25.00 per pound.

I have 2+ pounds of Alafair's black with silver Shetland fleece. Very nice handle and look...heavily skirted. $12 per pound.

I have Secondhand Rose's moorit with some age silvering to it Shetland fleece for sale. $10 per pound. I believe there are at least two pounds. Her fleece is very dense and crimpy and about 2-1/2 inches in staple length.

I have a few other select brown tone fleeces(Shetland)I might be willing to sell. Fiber samples and pricing available upon request.

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