Monday, October 19, 2009


Forsythia--Two ply variegated yarn created by combining natural brown Shetland with dyed yellow Shetland and white bamboo. Only 13 ounces left at $4.50 an ounce. A lightweight worsted with nice feel and some sparkle to it.
White Cormo two-ply at $5.00 an ounce. About sixteen ounces are available. Also one ball of dark brown Shetland "Nissa" lamb--4.88 ounces for $21.96. SOLD.
Two small skeins of novelty yarn called Ready or Knot. 3.5 ounces total at $4 an ounce. Pure Shetland. SOLD.
A variegated Shetland two-ply yarn produced from a blue-grey fleece, brown fleece and white fleece. "Kalico Blue" is $4.50 an ounce and there are 46 ounces available. Worsted weight and every ball is unique. I've done these colors together before and they make beautiful knit projects.
Heavier worsted weight two-play brown Shetland lamb "Wren". 18.9 ounces available at $3.50 an ounce. The colored yarn is September and one ball is left. It is one ply of Wren combined with some painted roving I received as a barter that has red/pink/green shades throughout. The September ball is $22.50 and there are 4.5 ounces in the ball. SOLD.
The grey yarn is two-ply Shetland called "Sarah" after my daughter's ewe that contributed the wool. There are 12.75 ounces at $4.50 an ounce. "Winter Sky" is one ply Sarah with one ply of a multi-blue Colonial wool blend. There are 19.13 ounces available at $5.00 an ounce. "Thriller" is a combination of a light grey, black and white Shetland fleece that is spun rather rustically into heavyweight worsted two-ply. There are just 17.64 ounces of this left at $4.00 an ounce. It makes wonderfully warm mittens and hats. SOLD.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Welcome to the first post on my new blog which will feature the yarns I handspin from my flock of lovely, fine, soft Shetland & colored Cormo sheep. I have a rather large refrigerator box full of rovings waiting for me to get to them stashed in the back of the house. As I get projects finished I plan to post photos and details of the yarns I am creating, so those of you who do not live close enough to visit the farmer's market or Knitter's Niche can indulge your fiber cravings.

Some of those rovings include a gorgeous golden/brown blend of my daughter's favorite ewe Ruby and alpaca and silk. And there's a small amount of cashmere that I blended with a taupey lamb's fleece that is ultra-soft. I have also started blending some angora into my Shetland rovings and have a lovely dove grey batch. And then there is the bag of brown Merino that was blended with coarsely carded unbleached silk(golden in color)that I'll be plying with Tennyson(my very soft, fine brown ram).

So stay tuned. Photos will be coming early next week of the yarn's that are already spun up.