Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is Tennyson roving being spun up into singles. The singles were then plied with some unbleached silk/Merino roving I had purchased for the following yarn. It is for sale for $4.50 an ounce and is heavier worsted weight.
The below is Shetland lamb blended with cashmere. It is $5.00 an ounce and I only have the two balls.


Medium adult spiral knit mittens from Shetland wool "Nissa"...$24.00.

Kid's mittens from various Shetland handspun yarns...$12.00.

Medium/Large adult spiral knit mittens from Shetland wool "Thriller"...$26.00


It all started with a trip to my local yarn shop to get some reinforcing thread for socks. There was this book about making two socks at a time on circular I bought it along with two pairs of circular needles. Then home to try to make it work. It didn't. So I set things aside for about six months and one day I am sorting through things to sell and I come across the book again. And the sock patterns are so lovely I figure at least I can do them on double-points if all else fails...but why not try the old circular needles again? And this time it worked. At least to the point where the heels are turned. Then I still run into a quandry about adding stitches...but once I am past that stage and have decreased I go back to the circulars. I figure eventually I'll get the middle section right as well. Here are finished socks that fit me perfectly made from my favorite yarn of the season "First Snow". I am a size 7-1/2. The socks are for sale for $25.00. They are handspun Shetland/dyed Merino/Tencel.
And just before Christmas I made two pairs of tot socks. The pair on the left is made from leftovers fromother projects. Pair on the right is "Diva" Shetland yarn. They are for sale for $15.00 each.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


A huge thanks to all my fiber customers this past year who managed to find room in your growing stashes for some of my handspun. You've kept our flock fed and housed for another year and given me the opportunity to add another breed to our small farm. Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you next season at the Farmer's market in Marquette.

May your winter be filled with fun activities and wonderful knitting projects.